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Each couple faces a unique set of concerns in their relationship or marriage. These concerns if not addressed in time may cause bigger problems. Couple therapists use different therapies such as EFT, Reflective Listening, Narrative, Solution Focused, Gottman, Imago, or CBT to understand and resolve these issues before it reaches a stage of break-up or divorce.
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Couple Counseling in Riyadh

For couple counseling in Riyadh, there are various professional services available. Trained therapists and psychologists offer support to couples experiencing relationship challenges. Seek recommendations, check online directories, or contact local mental health centers to find suitable options. Remember that open communication and a willingness to work together are key to a successful counseling experience.

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"CoupleMantra in Riyadh truly transformed our relationship. Their expert counseling helped us communicate better, understand each other deeply, and reignite our love. Grateful for their guidance on our journey to a stronger, happier bond."

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2nd to 5th floor, Bahrain Tower, King Fahd Road, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Our therapists are available across Riyadh including Al-Bat’ha, Al-Deerah (old Riyadh), Mi’kal, Manfuha, Manfuha Al-Jadidah (منفوحة الجديدة – “new Manfuha”), Al-‘Oud, Al-Mansorah, Al-Margab, Salam, Jabrah, Al-Yamamah, Otayyigah, Al-‘Olayya & Sulaymaniyyah[34], Al-‘Olayya, Al-Sulaymaniyyah, Al Izdihar, King Fahd District, Al-Masif, Al-Murooj, Al-Mugharrazat, Al-Wurood, Nemar, Nemar, Dharat Nemar, Tuwaiq, Hazm, Deerab, Irqah, Irqah, Al-Khozama, Diplomatic Quarter, Al-Shemaysi, Eleyshah, Al-Badi’ah, Syah, Al-Nasriyyah, Umm Sleym, Al-Ma’athar, Umm Al-Hamam (East), Al-Ma’athar, Al-Olayya, Al-Nakheel, King Saud University main campus, Umm Al-Hamam (East), Umm Al-Hamam (West), Al-Ma’athar Al-Shimali (“North Ma’athar”), Al-Muhammadiyya, Al-Ha’ir, Al-Ghannamiyyah, Uraydh, Al Aziziyah (Riyadh), Ad Dar Al Baida, Taybah, Al Mansouriyah, Al-Malaz, Al-Rabwah, Al-Rayyan, Jarir, Al-Murabba’, Sinaiyah Qadeem, Al-Masani’, Al-Shifa, Al-Mansuriyya, Al-Marwah, Al-Urayja, Al-Urayja Al-Wusta (“Mid-Urayja”), Al-Urayja (West), Shubra, Dharat Laban, Hijrat Laban, As-Suwaidi, As-Suwaidi (West), Dahrat Al-Badi’ah, Sultanah, Al-Malga, Al-Sahafa, Hittin, Al-Wadi, Al-Ghadir, Al-Nafil, Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University main campus, Al-Qayrawan, Al-Aqiq, Al-Arid, Al-Naseem (East), Al-Naseem (West), As-Salam, Al-Manar, Al-Rimayah, Al-Nadheem, Al-Rawdhah, Al-Qadisiyah, Al-M’aizliyyah, Al-Nahdhah, Gharnatah (Granada), Qortubah (Cordoba), Al-Andalus (Andalusia), Al-Hamra, Al-Qouds, Al-Selayy, Ad Difa’, Al Iskan, Khashm Al-‘Aan, Al-Sa’adah, Al-Fayha, Al-Manakh, King Abdullah Financial District, Diriyah (suburb of Riyadh), Diriyah (suburb of Riyadh) and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Consider counseling when facing communication issues, unresolved conflicts, or loss of emotional intimacy to improve relationship dynamics.

Couples discuss concerns with a therapist in Riyadh over chat or video call. The therapist uncovers issues and provides guidance for positive relationship changes.

Yes, CoupleMantra therapists in Riyadh maintain strict confidentiality, ensuring a safe environment for couples to discuss personal matters.

If one partner is hesitant to attend, you shall send a comforting invite and start with individual sessions with the hesitant partner.

Counselors at CoupleMantra, Riyadh are trained in all major therapy options  including Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Reflective Listening Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Gottman Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy & Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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